Tim's Ten Thousand Hours

Hour 3: 1 Point Perspective – Streets

Damn. This reminded me of school and why I hated art. It really is hard to just draw and make it look good.

I have never learned anything about this technique before but after googling how to draw a cartoon room, I ended up here. This image is based off a tutorial on TheVisualInstructor.com. I found myself getting really frustrated that I couldn’t make it look as good as the original and the image in the tutorial.

I also noticed that a lot of what goes on in art is akin to what I actually did in my previous skill. I was a computer-science student in University and for the majority of my life I’ve developed skills in technology and computing. The similarities in the frustrations I felt when learning to code were very similar to the frustrations I felt trying to make this image work. As with programming, I’m sure the satisfaction will come when I debug the image and workout how to make it better.

On first look, I drew the building on the right first and I managed to mess up the windows entirely. It’s clear I didn’t have the lines drawn from the perspective point for the windows on the left hand wall. I’m not sure why the road looks so poor either. I think my attempt to give the pavement (sidewalk…) have height has also failed miserably.

Carrying out this exercise has certainly reinforced the fact that this will take time to get good at and I think one of the hardest parts will be the conscious learning and developing. I have such a short attention span that I don’t think I could sit down for hours and hours trying to better the same image but that is probably what is required.

I will probably sit down and revisit drawing streets for the next few hours before reverting to trying to draw rooms. If I can get to the point where I can draw an alright road in the next few weeks I’d be pleased with that. Then I can move on to try and draw a room which could fall as the backdrop for a scene.

The one other thing I’d point out at this point is that I’m probably going to end up having to use a digital method of drawing sooner rather than later. I’ve been reluctant to order a graphics tablet and get straight into the modern methods until I’ve gained some of the key competencies for the traditional methods. It took me about 30 minutes to find a rubber (eraser…) in the house. Can I add that to the total of the 10,000?

Approach to: windows still falling

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